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15 women in their twenties reveal with BARE-NAKED honesty how YOU as an older guy hold ALL the cards…  

PLUS hard-won INSIDER secrets from dozens of PUSSY-OBSESSED players (with over 25 YEARS experience) on dating younger women…

CRAMMED into one of the most valuable books you’ll EVER read!  

Never before revealed wisdom that WILL forever change the way you see the dating game…  

Available for INSTANT download with GUARANTEED results…  


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And last, but not least…


“Sure, girls prefer a ‘certain kind’ of older guy… the RICH kind!”  

Well, there’s no question there…  

Fame and riches DO make things slide.  

Just look at Dan Bilzerian… no 20 year-old model cares when he was born!  

But that’s NOT what we’re talking about here…  

We’re talking about the MASSIVE advantage YOU have over bed-wetting millenials living at home…

And how YOU can easily leverage that advantage to set yourself apart.  

The Holy Grail Of The Dating Game will give YOU the certain knowledge that this is TRUE…  

And the MINDSET you need to win!


What They’re Saying About 

The Holy Grail Of The Dating Game!

“This book is GREAT! Every single older guy should read this brilliant guide.”
Lydia (Age 24)

“I would recommend this book to ALL older guys.
It’s SO insightful!”
Elena (Age 23)

 “Every single guy should read this BRILLIANT guide. There’s nothing better in the world than a confident man!”
Julia (Age 25)

“All single older guys would benefit from this book! Trust me!”
Julie (Age 24)

“A great book! Full of great advice! Everyone can benefit from this book no matter your place or status in life.”
Kate (Age 23)

“A masterpiece!”
Catherine (Age 28)

Please note; These testimonials are 100% authentic. The testimonials are from girls that contributed comments to the book, and read the material throughout. In all cases testimonials were requested only after the girls had been paid (for their comments, negative or positive) and peer reviews were submitted.
(In some cases testimonials were made without even being requested.)
As we promised anonymity, we state only first name and age. 

Twenty years I’ve been chasing these chicks!”

Twenty years is a lot of time…

To learn a lot of lessons.

It’s also an unusual thing for a guy in his fifties to say!…

(Plus untrue… this guy spent thirty years in the game… more!)

Gain ALL his hard-won secrets, plus advice and wisdom from over a dozen OG players… today!  

“Older guys are more confident…
And we girls LOVE it!”

We’ve all heard guys say things like “They’re not gonna look at me”…

It rubs off. If you hear it often enough, you start to believe it…

Even if those guys just settled… accepted… took what came.

You’ll be amazed at what younger girls REALLY think about older guys…

“Guys are like wine…
They get better with age!”

You’ll be shocked and surprised by what they said when give anonymity.

THESE are the truths you want to live by! 

Your complete package!…

Well, you tell me?…

What are extra years filled with dating success worth to YOU?…

(Plus lasting tips to improve your sleep, health and appearance for the rest of your life)

For us it’s close to priceless!  

BUT, Your Price Today?…

(For the next 7 days!)  

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with The Holy Grail Of The Dating Game simply contact to request your 100% no questions asked refund.  

Q: Is this yet another dating product making groundless claims and promising impossible results? 

 A: Absolutely not. This is a collection of hard-won wisdom from experienced older guys who’ve had real life success with younger women, verified and enhanced by 15 women aged 20-30 who surprised even me with their enthusiastic honesty.  

Q: C’mon, these are fake stories?  

A: No, this is MY story.  

Q: The girls were all selected to fit a certain profile?  

A: No, the girls responded to an advert for ‘Females 20-30 Required To Add Comments To A Dating Guide For Men’. From all girls that responded, we selected those from Western countries (to account for potential cultural differences) who were either attractive or very attractive (and therefore likely to have experience of male attention). The selected girls were then asked one question about their dating preferences (to be stated in the book) and hired regardless.  

Q: The girls were paid?  

A: Yes, but simply to do the job of reading the manuscript and giving comments. They were hired regardless of stated dating preferences, and simply given direction to be honest. All comments were published unedited (other than spelling and grammar correction).  

Q: Are Your Claims About The Health And Wider Benefits Of Sleep Accurate?

A: The benefits of proper sleep for your health and life are well documented. Please see the below NCBI reports for starters:

Q: Is It Really Possible To Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally? 

A: Of course. Your natural testorone levels fluctuate according to many factors, including diet, exercise, and lifestyle;  

 Q: Is Our Environment Really Estrogenated?

 A: More so than you’d think; 

Q: Who are the guys that gave the core advice?  

A: Due to confidentiality we really can’t give too much away. I can say The Holy Grail Of The Dating Game is the collection of advice submitted by hundreds of experienced older guys, who met an excellent standard of authority.  

In any case, the value of The Holy Grail Of The Dating Game isn’t just the original material, but the reaction and addition to it by genuine single women in their twenties, speaking with bare-naked honesty under the assurance of anonymity.  

Q: Is James Michael Your Real Name?  

A: No. But it is my true story. James Michael is my pen name.  

It’s not my real voice either. I hired a voice-over actor to save you from my accent and whistling stops.  

Still, the story is 100% authentic, as are all comments from the girls (whose real names have also been changed for anonymity).  

This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old. 

© Holy Moly Limited 2019

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