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There are literally THOUSANDS of pain remedies hawked by strangers on the internet and then there are hundreds of prescription products touted by veterinarians. How do you know which to use?

All day long you hear about frustrated owners who worry because the medication and over the counter therapies no longer work and it just seems that chronic pain like in arthritis, just becomes a progressively worsening disease. You can just tell the deterioration day by day!

 There are many misconception about this topic: For example, contrary to what some people may say, the act of “curing degenerative pain” like arthritis and the act of “stopping the pain” will have opposite outcomes if not managed carefully… all day long people are advised to use this medicine, no that medicine, no mine works better to kill pain.  0

What they don’t tell you is that long term pain relief is BAD for joint regeneration!

Recent studies by organizations such as the International Cartilage Repair Society and Osteoarthritis Research Society International have made recommendations regarding the use of NSAIDS.  They recommend these drugs be used at the lowest effective dose, long-term use be avoided (if possible), and they not be used as a first-line therapy for OA.  The International League Against Rheumatism and the World Health Organization have recommended any drug used to treat OA not have a damaging effect on the joint cartilage.  If this recommendation was followed, the vast majority, if not all NSAIDS, would be immediately taken off the market and no new one would get approved.OTHER SIDE EFFECTS OF NSAIDS

In addition to accelerating OA, over 100,000 people are hospitalized for gastrointestinal bleeding and of those 16,500 people die from NSAID toxicity each year.  People are at higher risk if they are age 60 or older, have had stomach ulcers or bleeding problems, take a blood thinning agent or steroid drug and have three or more alcoholic drinks every day.

Dig into the information in this ground breaking home-study-course today and start making changes that not only will stop harming your dog, but might just actually reverse horrible degenerative conditions like arthritis and spinal disease.

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